Updates on Alpha-Trader.com (20170103)


Alpha-Trader.com is now using the more powerful amCharts library.

New amChart on Listing Profile

The line charts on listing profiles and on the market statistics site got replaced. The new charts offer a cleaner visualization and more data inspection features.

New Pie Charts

Also the pie charts of the portfolio were replaced by amCharts ones.


In order to minimize the market inflation three chances to the banking sector were made:

  1. Central bank reserves carry a daily interest: The reserve interest rate is a quarter of the daily main interest rate
  2. The ratio of reserves to taken loans is reduced from 1.10 to 0.10
  3. The central bank caps the amount of loans given: If the hourly maximum amount of system bonds gets exceeded, the issuance of new system bonds is rejected until free volume is available again within the next hour.

The Alpha Bank tries to take over a company as soon as it has reached a 40% share of it.



Alpha-Trader.com now provides an integrated newspaper. It is a timeline that shows most interesting news posts. Every user can post news herself either as user or in the name of a company.

News: HTML-Editor included

The newspaper offers an integrated HTML-Editor. It is possible to use different formatting tags, images, tables and so on. For those who are familiar with HTML the editor offers the use of own source code as well.

News: Can be liked

The news can be commented and liked/disliked, which leads to a change in the user's interest for the post itself, its author and so on. Besides the individual interest a community interest is calculated based on the likes, dislikes and comments of other users. In order to express a sudden opinion change a like/dislike can always be changed by the reader.

News: Offer Hashtags

 Hashtags are supported. They can be used by the author to narrow down the target audience. The reader can click on a hashtag to list all news that uses the hashtag.

News: Complaints are possible

The reader can file a complaint by clicking the small 'x' on the left, when he feels offended by an article or in the case of a law violation. The complainer will never see the article again.

News: Can be edited or deleted

The author of a post can edit or delete it. A deletion of a company's post can always be done by the current CEO, even if he is not the author of the post. Only the author himself can edit his posts though.

Modelwise comments are posts like news too. They contain two references: One to the post they are commenting on and one to the root post that started the discussion. A comment can be deleted like a news post. If it has comments itself however, it will only be emptied giving the author the possibility to step away from its content. The comment post will not be completely deleted in order to preserve the attached discussion.


Alpha Team welcomes Alain

The Alpha Team grows by another member of the Public Relations department.


Alain joins as Senior Press Secretary with a focus on social media. His wealth of experience and knowledge has already made him a key addition to the Alpha-Trader family.